Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Energy Education Park of WEBREDA

In order to generate awareness among the common people, particularly students about the importance of New and Rrenewable Sources of Energy in the context of depletion of fossil fuel and increasing environmental pollution, WBREDA has launched a major programme in the country to set up Energy Education Parks. The first major Energy Education Park was set up in the country in Kolkata in February, 2000.

More than 350 thousand people have visited the park so far. The main objective of the park is to educate people in respect of energy use through interactive energy devices. While doing so, the entertainment concept has been integrated with the exhibits. The park is also a unique place to train the unemployed youths in respect of servicing of various renewable energy systems. The Kolkata Energy Park set up at an estimated cost of Rs. 85 lacs, is now model in the country. Similar Energy Education Parks have come up in cities like Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, etc. WBREDA and some exhibits manufacturers of Kolkata are helping the other States in respect of setting up of the Energy Education Parks. WBREDA has also set up one more major Energy Education Park in Durgapur city, which is the industrial city of the State of West Bengal. The Energy Education Park of Kolkata is being maintained by a Physically Handicapped Society with about 12 physically handicapped people. The Park is running on sustainable basis. The annual revenue of the park is more than Rs. 10 lacs.

Some Important Exhibits:

* Solar Car
* Reduce your electricity bill
* Global Energy Network
* Model Tidal Power Plant
* Solar Hut
* Gasifier Power Plant

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