Sunday, October 11, 2009

E-Scooters and E-bikes from Ashish Wheels

Ashish Wheels Limited (AWL) from Siliguri is the first company in North East India involved in the production of electric vehicles powered by advanced engineering and technology. They are manufacturing a range of battery powered two wheelers to suit different needs. Presently, they are more of an assembler than a manufacturer, since all the key components are being imported. Sealed maintenance free lead acid batteries are used as the power source. The company is confident if winning acceptance as a top manufactured and assembler of electric vehicles.

The vehicles help in reducing air and noise pollution, an option which government, private sectors and the general public are increasingly turning to. Sealed maintenance free lead acid batteries are used as the power source.

AWL is committed to expand production and distribution throughout India and other regions of the world once the company has built a firm foundation and has the technology and capability to succeed.

AWL has its technical collaboration from all corners of the world such Japan, Korea, Taiwan, China and U.S.A to keep upgrading the technology suitable to Indian conditions.

AWL develops the full range of electric vehicles that will help the people around the world to protect the environment from pollution. They are committed to eco-friendly pollution free concept with easy to afford, low running cost, personal transportation to all the segment of society.

Ashish Wheels Limited
Pratap Market,
Sevoke Road, Siliguri - 1
Dist Darjeeling

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